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Nadine Terman Solstein Capital

About Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital

Nadine Terman is a financial advisor and investment strategist who serves as the CEO, CIO, and co-founder of Solstein Capital, a Silicon Valley-based private investment firm working with high net worth and institutional clients. Ms. Terman holds over 25 years of investment experience in both public markets and private equity.

Nadine received her bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics from Stanford University and her M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After her collegiate experience, Nadine served various financial institutions such as Blum Capital, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Behrman Capital before co-founding Solstein Capital with collaborators J.C. Torres and Sandra Southworth in 2010. At Solstein, Ms. Terman is responsible for overseeing operations and investment functions as well as leading the team towards the firm’s strategic vision as a Managing Member.

Nadine has built a reputation within the financial sector for her comprehensive knowledge of investments and ability to help clients strategize in order to better secure their ideal financial futures. Ms. Terman believes in the accessibility of key knowledge within her field and, to this end, uses her platform to contribute insights to television and media platforms. Nadine is a regular contributor across media platforms such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV and radio, where she helps viewers and listeners keep up with recent industry trends and make more informed decisions regarding their financial goals.

As a longtime proponent of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the financial sector, Nadine has played a vital role in improving the accessibility of opportunities for those looking to join the industry. Notably, Nadine co-founded 100WF’s FundWomen conference and has played a vital role in several industry events focused on diversity. — A Platform for Financial Resources and Insights

Nadine Terman Solstein Capital

In today’s financial climate, there are many people who are aiming to further their understanding of the financial sector, its processes, leading investment strategies, tips, and more to make better decisions regarding their needs and goals.

As an industry leader and contributor to key conversations within her field, Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital acknowledges just how far accessible, high-level insights can go towards helping people adapt to the everchanging markets of today. was created as a platform for readers interested in exploring the financial sector from multiple perspectives through Ms. Terman’s experience and insights.

Future posts featured on this site aim to help readers with a variety of goals, empowering them to:

Learn More about the Financial Sector

The truth is that exploring the financial sector can be daunting for those who do not yet have formal experience or education in the field. We all have different financial goals and can benefit from knowledge that explores the industry, its key processes, and the work that professionals perform in order to remain on the right track. This is why financial sector resources included on will provide readers with crucial information that demystifies the space in an accessible way.

Access Valuable Professional Development Resources

One of the most dynamic aspects of the finance industry is that it is constantly changing, necessitating that professionals are able to move with the times and adapt to challenges along the way. The role of professional development resources linked to finance is clear—they help with accessing learning opportunities, showing commitment to clients and the organizations that professionals serve, and ultimately empowering individuals to focus on their career goals. Professional development resources inspired by Nadine’s experiences will present readers with information beneficial for developing key skills, leveraging technology and applications for success, giving back by sharing insights with others, and much more.

Stay up to Date with Market Trends

Nadine Terman Solstein Capital

The market is a living entity, constantly changing and evolving to reflect consumer behavior, the government, speculation and expectation, international transactions, supply and demand, etc. An important reason that Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital presents for staying up to date on market trends is that it is extremely helpful for adapting correctly, making the right investment decisions at the right times, and accessing opportunities as they become available. By drawing from Ms. Terman’s insights on market trends and developments, this site hopes to give readers the tools they need to keep up with changes and ensure that they are making decisions that align with their financial needs and goals.

Remain on the Cutting Edge of Industry News

Whether you are a professional within the space or a financial services client, keeping up with industry news plays a vital role in making informed decisions regarding the industry. Advancing technologies, compliance considerations, industry challenges, market shifts, changes to best practices, etc. are constantly occurring at the same time, and being able to adapt will make the difference between success and failure. By visiting this site for comprehensive financial sector news, readers can learn more about developments impacting the future of the industry.

Explore Leading Investment Strategies

Ever wonder what investment strategies are leading the way within the financial sector? If so, you have come to the right place. Investment content inspired by Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital’s experience and insights will explore some of the strategies that can be leveraged for financial security based on one’s financial reality. Whether you are a high net worth individual, family office client, or average earner looking to diversify your portfolio, expect future posts to provide advice on how to evaluate existing strategies, identify opportunities for growth, and make critical changes that contribute to an ideal financial future.

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Contributing to leading conversations in the financial sector has always been a passion of Ms. Terman, who believes that information within her field is too often safeguarded and made inaccessible to those who would benefit from it the most. That being said, readers can tune in to this site for informative resources that make the most of Nadine Terman’s and financial thought leaders’ insights to keep building towards their individual idea of financial success.

For more financial sector insights exploring a diverse range of topics linked to the industry, check out this site for frequent posts! Thank you for visiting and be sure to tune in for the latest from Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital.